Best of 2018: Reflecting on our Community’s Story

Written by United Way

December 16, 2018

What a busy year…or rather 100 years! We had the pleasure of experiencing so many exciting opportunities and new milestones in 2018, which helped create positive change in our community.

This year, United Way celebrated its centennial anniversary, launched a new blog, assembled foster care kits and packed thousands of backpacks for students in need (to name a few.) Since 1918, when we began as the Toledo War Chest, then the Community Chest, to what we are today: we are 100 years strong because of your unwavering support.

We are so proud of the generous community we belong to, because without you, there would be no “United Way of Greater Toledo”.

Our Change Maker Blog and the stories we’ve been able to tell help showcase how your gift is making a difference across Lucas, Wood and Ottawa counties. Here are the top stories of 2018:

  1. When We Unite as One: In 1918, the First World War was finally over and across the globe, countless communities began to rebuild…
  2. When There’s Nowhere to Turn: Coordinated Entry through 2-1-1: In the past, Yvonne had called United Way 2-1-1 for food pantries and other assistance, but never for anything this drastic.
  3. A Step Forward: One Man’s Pathway Toward Health and Housing: Anton had been in and out of homeless shelters, struggling to cope with his mental illness.
  4. A Safe Home for Janie: A Mother’s Fight to Protect Her Daughter: What’s a mother to do when she discovers her young daughter is being abused by her grandfather, whom they also live with?
  5. It Can Be Done: The Positive Power of Community Partnerships: I always thought about what I liked to do when I grew up. But I never really thought about where I’d like to work?
  6. No Small Thing: A Back-to-school Story: Grace was determined to set her children up for academic success, but could not get over the high cost of school supplies.
  7. A Child’s Dignity: The Difference a Foster Care Kit Can Make: Even though I knew I would be taking the bag with me, it felt like my things were just garbage and that they didn’t matter.
  8. Smiling Again: How Dental Care Changed a Young Man’s Life: My teeth…they’re, well, crooked to say the least. On top of that, my gums are always so swollen and in pain, which is the biggest distraction throughout the school day.
  9. Emotional Anxiety: Seeing Through The Eyes of a Child: Today, my classroom was bustling with cheerful students, yet, glancing around the room, I paused when my eyes landed on Tommy.
  10. Let’s Read Together: Overcoming Language Barriers: I hear the words she says and I nod my head, though, I comprehend very few of them.


In 100 years, a lot has changed…our economy has changed, our society has changed, the way we think and do work has changed. But what has remained the same is your dedication to uplifting those in need and increasing resources surrounding education, financial stability and health. Thank you for your advocacy, volunteerism and financial gifts.

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