Ride United Transportation Access

Creating Equitable Access to Transportation for All

United Way of Greater Toledo is proud to offer a new and innovative program that helps fill transportation gaps in our community. Ride United is a program that provides free transportation through a partnership with United Way 211 and Lyft.

This program provides transportation for:

  • Education
  • Employment (job interviews, training, etc.)
  • Healthcare
  • Social Services


This program is sponsored and made possible by:

Success Stories

Helping Pregnant Mothers

Alexis needed transportation to her doctor appointments for her unborn child and was able to utilize Ride United Lyft six times in December.

At the end of the month, Alexis called 211 for a ride to the hospital to deliver the baby! Alexis was having contractions and was unable to find someone to take her to the hospital. Alexis is so grateful that Ride United was able to help her during a very stressful moment! 

Providing Reliable Transportation After An Accident

Cordora was recently in a car accident and totaled her only vehicle. She used this program to get to her appointments with the lawyer and doctors after the accident. She also used the program for daily errands such as the laundromat and grocery shopping.

Helping Residents Regain Stability

Chad has been a client of United Way through the Coordinated Entry program. Chad is now working with us to secure housing and has utilized Lyft for eight round trips to obtain the necessary paperwork and attend appointments. These rides are crucial for his path toward a stable living situation.

Not Allowing Communication to be a Barrier to Receiving Assistance

Roxana, a Spanish-speaking immigrant, was able to use Lyft services and a translator through 211 to get her to doctor appointments, the grocery store, and a shelter. She has recently relocated from Virginia and has relied heavily on the 211 and Lyft services to help her get on her feet in Toledo.

Helping Fill Gaps for those with Physical Disabilities

Susan tried every transportation service in Lucas County in an effort to get to an emergency doctor’s appointment for her hip. Due to her injury, Susan couldn’t sit on a bus for the 40-minute trip. Susan was extremely grateful when she called to explain that none of the transportation services were answering and was told we could schedule her a Lyft to and from the appointment!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ride United?

Ride United is a program that helps to provide transportation through the rideshare app Lyft for people to receive education, healthcare, job training and other social services. 

Who can use Ride United?

Ride United is available to anyone who is unable to pay for transportation and/or have anyone available to provide transportation. The requester must originate from a Lucas, Ottawa or Wood County zip code. 

How do I request transportation via Ride United?

At this time, Ride United is a referral-only program. It is our hope to grow this program so that we can fill transportation gaps for more people across our three-county footprint. You can always contact 211 for connection to other transportation resources in our community. 

Is Ride United confidential?

Lyft rides scheduled through Ride United appear just like normal requests to Lyft Drivers. The driver will not know that the ride was scheduled and paid for via the program.  

Can I utilize other rideshare apps or local transportation agencies?

Lyft is the only rideshare app that can provide rides through Ride United. As we grow this program, we hope to partner with other rideshare apps and local transportation providers to serve more people across our three-county footprint.