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Real Men READ-y

The African American Leadership Council of United Way founded the Real Men READ-y initiative in 2012. The program recruits, trains and places African American males from various industries to serve as readers and mentors Kindergarten and first-grade African American boys at various Toledo Public Schools (TPS). The goal of Real Men READ-y is to ensure that African American male children have the necessary literacy skills and confidence to be successful in school from kindergarten through high school graduation.

During the program, male students are provided with books and other materials to take home to continue reading with their families. The program not only seeks to increase literacy, but also encourages and motivates students to enjoy the gift of reading.





"One day while reading with Cashmere, he shared a great testimony with me. He stated that he has been so excited about the Real Men READ-y (RMR) program that he would also tell his dad. Well, his father who also struggled with reading himself, was so impressed with the progress of his son's reading skills and excitement that he decided to enroll in a program to help him with his reading. The joy in Cashmere's face and voice continues to lead me to believe that RMR has the ability to make a difference one child at a time." ~Real Men READ-Y Mentor






Current Schools

Leverette (Year 2), Pickett Academy (Year 1), Rosa Parks (Year 1)

2014-2015 School Year-End Results:

Students Read to:18
RMR MENtors:14
Number of Reads: 261

Pickett Academy
Students Read to:16
RMR MENtors:4
Number of Reads:71

Rosa Parks
Students Read to:16
RMR MENtors:3
Number of Reads:53

Total Number of Students Read to: 50
Total RMR MENtors: 17
# of Read Reports sent home: 360

# of Books sent home:584

Total Teaching Points: 1533
Word Works:322



To view the full 2014-2015 year-end results, click here.

To learn more about Real Men READ-y and how you can get involved call 419-242-7323 or click here.