Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers to help now more than ever!

There continues to be a critical need for non-medical volunteers to assist in the efforts to vaccinate our community. We are gathering contact information for people interested in helping with this important volunteer work. Please sign up here to receive email updates regarding vaccine volunteer details!

We also ask that you consider donning your own cape of sorts and find a couple of hours in your day that you can reimagine, to join us as a “lunch hour hero”. What does being a hero mean? Commit to shifting what you do on your lunch hour (or coffee break or workout) and take a shift to help make a difference in our community. It doesn’t take much, but it means the world to many.

Start to change our community for the good through one simple action – it can start with you. Consider lending a hand, knowing that by doing so you have the ability to make the situation better for many during this difficult time.


You can also fill out the form below and be added to our Volunteer Email List to be notified about future volunteer opportunities.