About Us

United Way of Greater Toledo Tocqueville Society members are committed leaders, determined to change our community’s story. When you become a Tocqueville Society donor, you join an exclusive group of influential and philanthropic minds who prioritize investing in long term positive community change.

Our name was chosen to celebrate Alexis Charles-Henri de Tocqueville’s admiration for our nation’s spirit of volunteerism. In the late 1830s, after traveling North America, Alexis de Tocqueville published studies on American society and politics, noting that Americans implicitly “understand that advancing the common good means creating opportunities for a better life for all.” Our Tocqueville members do just that. Your extraordinary gifts advance common good and drive lasting change in Lucas, Wood and Ottawa counties.


Pictured at right: Bob and Kim LaClair, United Way of Greater Toledo Tocqueville Society Chairs

Extraordinary Gifts Driving Extraordinary Change

There are multiple levels of impact that entitle you to Tocqueville Society Membership. Our Giving Levels are:

  • $10,000 – $24,999 | Membres de la Société
  • $25,000 – $49,999 | Ordre de Liberté
  • $50,000 – $74,999 | Ordre d’ Egalité
  • $75,000 – $99,999 | Ordre de Fraternité
  • $100,000 – $249,999 | La Société Nationale
  • $250,000 or more | Ordre d’ Indépendance

We also offer opportunities to step up your gift through our Tocqueville Society Fast Track Program. Joining our Fast Track program allows you immediate membership to Tocqueville Society while incrementally increasing your gift over three or five years:

3-Year Step Up Program

  • Year 1: $5,000 gift
  • Year 2: $7,500 gift
  • Year 3: $10,000 gift

5-Year Step Up Program

  • Year 1: $5,000 gift
  • Year 2: $6,000 gift
  • Year 3: $7,500 gift
  • Year 4: $9,000 gift
  • Year 5: $10,000 gift

Tocqueville Society Membership Benefits

In 2018, United Way of Greater Toledo celebrated a milestone­—our centennial anniversary. Moving into our next 100 years, our Tocqueville Society members will become even more integral to the work we do. Benefits connected to your Tocqueville Society membership include:

  • Tocqueville Talks – giving you advance knowledge of, and influence over, community improvement initiatives
  • Tocqueville Tours – offering you exclusive events and tours aimed to educate and connect you to the impact of your gift
  • Tocqueville Times – providing you with exclusive updates on United Way’s work in the community

In addition, you will have mentorship opportunities to help guide the next generation of philanthropists, be recognized as community change makers, and get access to quarterly intimate conversations in the homes of Tocqueville Society members.


“Over the years, Tocqueville donors have brought in millions of dollars to create large-scale, local change. We are supporting lasting community change we can be proud of.”

~ Susan & Tom Palmer, Immediate Past Tocqueville Society Chairs


Thank you to the following extraordinary individuals who are members of United Way of Greater Toledo’s Tocqueville Society:

Lamar & Tianna Anderson
Mike & Carol Anderson
Robert & Jane Anspach
Bob Baxter
Paul & Randi Betz
Allan & Susan Block
Diana Block
Annette Boice
Pat and MaryLouise Bowe
Richard Brunner & Jennifer Murtagh
Ed & Shirley Carlson
Steven & Tiffany Cavanaugh
Brian & Marcia Chambers
Deborah Chapman
George & Leslie Chapman
Gerald A.Danes
Sara Jane & William DeHoff
Mr. & Mrs. Bill DeRodes
Thomas & Leslie DeRosa
Steve & Michelle Detmer
Rodney R. & Patrice L. Filcek
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Finch
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Findley
Mr. Glenn Fitkin
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Foote
Kevin Gilmore & Linda Hillstrom
John Goodey
Arthur Hickok Trust
Pat & Ann Hylant
Richard & Clare Hylant
Dennis & Sheila Johnson
Amy & James Kamsickas
Mercedes Kerr
Bob & Kim LaClair
Mr. & Mrs. Jon M. Levine
Andres & Clemencia Lopez
Jean & Ken Lovejoy
Jane & Tom Manahan
Tim McHugh
Michael & Karen McMurray
John & Jani Miller
Shankh Mitra
Norman C. Nitschke
Susan & Thomas Palmer
Tracy Paramore
Justin & Wendy Pestrue
Mary Ellen Pisanelli
Matt & Paula Russell
Chad J. Rutkowski & Kevin M. Lintjer
Scott & Julie Savage
Kelly Schmidt & Jim Johnson
Steve & Diane Schult
Rasesh & Shilpa Shah
Spencer & Christy Stone
Robert A. Stranahan, Jr. Charitable Trust
Gerda & Albert Stroucken
Michael H. Thaman & Lisa Gathard
The H.L. Thompson, Jr. Family Fund
Mark & Tonya Wallace
David & Heidi Waterman
Mr. & Mrs. David K. Welles, Jr.
Georgia E. Welles