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The American labor movement has a long and proud tradition of community service. The AFL-CIO joined efforts with United Way over 60 years ago to form the AFL-CIO Community Service Program. From its inception, AFL-CIO Community Services has been about helping people by providing assistance to members and others in need through pass the hat collections and by helping people find community and public resources. Unions also support community agencies by providing services with union sponsored volunteer efforts and union endorsed fundraising.

The AFL-CIO Community Service program in northwest Ohio is a partnership between the United Way of Greater Toledo and the Greater Northwest Ohio AFL-CIO, as well as Teamsters Local 20 and the UAW. There are over 130 unions in our area that represent teachers, firefighters, police, city, county, the trades, and many more workers. Our mission is to enable unions to more effectively help people by mobilizing for better services, funding those services and bringing critical changes to enhance opportunities for good jobs and good benefits in our communities.

We have two full-time labor liaisons and a part-time administrative assistant who coordinate the daily operations at the UAW Local 12 building on Ashland Avenue.


Labor Day of Caring

Unions helping UnionsIn September 2011, union members in Toledo participated in United Way’s Day of Caring. The project took place at the Toledo Seagate Food Bank, where they were able to pack over 1,000 boxes of food for seniors! There was a competitive spirit and the group was eager to pack as many boxes as they could in order to have the biggest impact for the food bank. The mission of Toledo Seagate Food Bank is to aspire to eliminate hunger in Northwest Ohio. They are very passionate about that goal and work hard to attain it. Annually, they distribute over 15 million pounds of food out to the community, including union members who are falling on hard times or who are laid-off. 

Participating unions included UAW Local 14 members who came off of third shift at Powertrain before starting the day, TFT Local 250, AFSCME Local 544, UAW Local 12, OPEIU Local 19, CWA Local 34043, APWU Local 170, and AFSCME Local 2415. Everyone had a blast as you can see in the photo, and look forward to the next volunteer project! More photos can be found on the Greater Northwest Ohio Facebook Page.