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Community Voices

We work with our Community Partners to arrange speakers, tours and displays for organizations and events in Lucas, Wood and Ottawa counties. Services are available year round, without charge, as part of our commitment to share the knowledge and resources of Community Partners and experience of our service recipients. The goal of United Way Speakers Bureau is to educate, raise awareness and showcase how gifts to the United Way Community Impact Fund help change lives.

Partner Program Speakers - Hosting a speaker from a local United Way Partner is a great way to demonstrate to employees and other groups how gifts to United Way impact our community. Program Speakers share real-life stories of individuals and/or families whose lives were changed through United Way-funded programs. Speakers & Tours makes every effort to schedule speakers that are relevant to the employees' or group's interests.

Partner Program Fairs - Partner Program Fairs are educational and fun! Any number of participating United Way Partners provide informational displays - many of them interactive - that introduce audiences to the wide variety of programs and services available to our community. Program Fairs can even be tailored to specific topics or themes to supplement already-scheduled events!

Partner/Program Tours - On-site tours of United Way Partners/Programs enable attendess to see firsthand how United Way-funded programs benefit our community and change lives everyday! Tours are a great way to ignite enthusiasm for the annual United Way campaign and build awareness of community services.


If you are interested in United Way Speakers & Tours to raise awareness about services available in our community or to show how individual gifts to the United Way Community Impact Fund help change lives, please contact Carol Klavinger at 419-254-4665 or