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Health is a basic need that impacts every aspect of life. United Way of Greater Toledo is working to improve health in our community by mobilizing people and organizations across the public, private and voluntary sectors. Through collaboration, we work to provide resources that ensure children are healthy and nurtured, and families are able to make healthy lifestyle choices with access to adequate health care.

Live United 2020 Health Focus Areas:

Healthy Lifestyles

Our Healthy Lifestyle Goals:
Lucas County
To move at least 40,558 children and adults in Lucas County to very good or excellent health.

Wood and Ottawa Counties
To increase by at least 2,052, the number of children and/or youth who are healthy in Wood and Ottawa Counties.

We are committed to healthy eating and nutritional education in our community. We're working with community members, agencies, and partners to increase understanding of the nutritional content in the food they provide. We're advocating to business and government leaders on the effects of unhealthy eating on academic performance and economic development in order to influence policies and practices. Additionally, we are advancing the food system in our community by increasing accessibility of nutritious food in underserved neighborhoods, through community gardens, healthy corner stores, and healthy food pantries.

Access to Health Care
Our Access To Health Care Goals:
Lucas County
To increase by at least 10% the number of people connected to health services in Lucas County.

Wood County
Connect at least 11,565 children and adults with dental care in Wood County.

Ottawa County
Ottawa County residents have access to health care.

We believe everyone should have access to affordable health services and a connected health care system. That's why we invest in care coordination to help navigate the health care system, including providing access to resources through United Way 2-1-1. We are committed to improving and developing policies that encourage enrollment and minimize loss of coverage. We advocate for developments in local, state and federal government to ensure adequate access to insurance and address potential loss of coverage. We partner with community-based organizations like CareNet, Neighborhood Health Association, and Legal Aid to increase the community's understanding of opportunities available through the Affordable Care Act.