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United Way of Greater Toledo works to strengthen education in our community by focusing on Student Readiness and Student Success.

Live United 2020 Education Focus Areas

School Readiness
Did you know? Currently 33% of children in Lucas County, 47% in Ottawa County, and 50% in Wood County enter Kindergarten ready to succeed.

Our School Readiness Goal: To increase by at least 10% the number of children entering Kindergarten ready to succeed in Lucas, Wood, and Ottawa Counties.

Our early childhood/school-readiness efforts span education, health, and public policy. We are ensuring children receive adequate health care to focus and thrive in the classroom. We are advocating for access to high-quality early care and education programs for all children that are designed to meet families’ unique needs. Through programs that connect parents with resources, provide educational childcare and promote early literacy, we strive to increase the quality of early experiences to lead to later school success.

Student Success
Studies show that out-of-school time directly affects youth behavior and academic success.  After-school enrichment is one of the most important factors affecting students' school performance, affording youth access to mentors, allowing them to learn new skills, and to engage in activities that build confidence. By keeping youth occupied with activities to stimulate their minds, they are engaged and focused while improving social skills and grades.

Our Student Success Goals
Lucas County
To increase by at least 10% the number of students who graduate on time from high school in Lucas County.

Wood County
Increase by at least 10% the number of students who participate in high-quality out-of-school programming in Wood County.

Ottawa County
All students who graduate from high school will have a plan for career, life, and work in Ottawa County.

We help children and youth achieve their potential with the understanding that education is the foundation for a good life, setting the individual on a path of personal fulfillment, economic security and societal contribution.